Why Our Church

We believe that abundant life can be found as followers of Jesus.  Jesus wants that full life for those He created.  For those who choose to accept the free gift God has offered through His only son, Jesus Christ.  Jesus bridges the gap that was formed at the beginning of time, way back in the Garden of Eden when man acted against God’s will for mankind and offended God’s perfect character.  Because God’s character is perfect and holy, it requires a perfect and holy one to stand in that gap to get us back in God’s favor.  That perfect and holy one is Jesus.  We need to admit that we have offended God’s character and ask Jesus to bridge that gap for us.  Once we do that, Jesus has us covered before God.

At WMBC we believe you can have that full and abundant life through faith in Christ’s forgiveness, and forever after following Christ’s example. In following His example we hope to help meet people’s physical needs, spiritual needs, and offer them hope in a future lived for Christ, and with Christ’s power and providence.  We trust that we can always talk with God through prayer.  And that the privilege of prayer is powerful in moving God’s hand to meet needs, offer comfort, get us through problems and sickness through His strength and not our own.